Patient Reviews

    review rating 5  One of the best Dr in Ahmedabad. very professional and very helpful. His diagnosis is very accurate. He is very kind and really passionate about his field. I strongly recommend him.

    thumb mausami vaghela

    review rating 5  Handling kids when they are sick is the tough and rightly diagnosing them is even tougher as they aren’t able to explain or express what are they going through. This is when a good pediatrician comes into picture. And in our case it is Dr. Ankit Mehta. He knows what he is doing so well that we have never doubted him. He makes everything feel so easy for the kid and the parents. He is very patient and does not believe in giving irrelevant medication. The best part is he has a really strong follow-up. He is a pied piper to my daughter she is always very happy to see and meet him even when she is going to get vaccinated. I strongly recommend this knowledgeable young doctor.

    thumb Shipra Juneja

    review rating 5  Dr. Ankit is one of the most renowned pediatrician in Ahmedabad. Highly qualified, very professional, very kind & an extremely passionate person. He knows exactly what he is doing & is amazing with kids- he definitely addresses your concerns and gives you more detail about the treatment explaining the pros & cons than any other doctors i have met. I highly recommend him!!!!

    thumb Bhoomi Patel

    review rating 5  I am grateful for the service and care Dr. Ankit provided to my son. Thank you so much for being more than just a trusted doctor!

    thumb Swati Maheshwari

    review rating 5  Dr. Ankit Mehta is one of the finest pediatricians i have come across. There are many things to mention about him but the following are his best traits according to me and my family- 1) Always Perfect diagnoses and he prescribes only necessary and best medical treatment. The child is sure to feel good in no time. He is very well equipped with all the best medical facilities in case if any emergencies or hospitalization. He treats every child under him like his own child. 2) always very approachable and friendly 3) A wonderful human with a golden heart. 4) he follows up After every visit and makes sure the child is feeling better. I would very strongly recommend him to every parent. PS- my son was forever down with allergic cold and cough at 3 years, under his treatment, within the first course of 20 days he started showing magnificent improvement and since then until now ( he is 3.5 years old now) i have no complaints of any allergic rhinitis.

    thumb Kruti Shah