Patient Reviews

    review rating 5  He’s extremely thorough and has such in-depth hands on experience too. His knowledge, methodical and logical step-wise approach gives his an edge to identify the prognosis swiftly. His transparency with the patient and a mix of practical, medical and human approach makes the interaction smooth and trustworthy. His ability to clearly communicate even the most sensitive information to the patients with conviction and positivity builds trust with his patients. He educates his patients from a 360 degree perspective of the patients condition as well as the treatment and the results expected. He’s turned out to be a boon for us. God bless him ! 🙏

    thumb Anjana Vashishtha Sharma

    review rating 5  Honest doctor. Tells what needs to be told to the parent but for their own good. Thanks for being honest. Sometimes we do need to hear what we need to hear.

    thumb Indrajit Sisodiya

    review rating 5  9 out of 10 times he will save patients who have very little hope of survival. Obviously not all goes well and sometimes you may lose one. Dr. Ankit Mehta saved our son when every other doctor in the country refused at the hospital he works at. Thanks. God bless you. He explained to us the risks and chances and we began to prepare for the worst and then pulled out a miracle at last hour to save hour.

    thumb Jayant Khattri

    review rating 5  We had a tough time searching for a good pediatrician on S.G Highway and around. Then, I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Ankit. He is the best pediatrician I have found for my kid. He is very intelligent doctor with a personal touch and give undivided attention given to patient whatever may be the case. My kid used to fall sick very often, but Dr. Ankit was able to find out the root cause and eliminate it with his envaluable suggestions viz. Boosting kids immunity by various dietary supplements etc. I strongly recommend Dr. Ankit and wish him best luck in all his future endeavours.

    thumb chetan sharma

    review rating 5  I strongly recommend Dr. Ankit Sir for Kids. He is very clear about the treatment and highly professional in his work. He gives satisfactory reply to the parents and very strict in his treatment. He has saved my daughter's life like a saviour with very aggressive treatment and prompt actions... Salute... Thank You Dr. Ankit Sir.

    thumb Samkit Shah